One Minute A Beloved Pet, The Next Often Unwanted.

We feel so sorry for the pets of the elderly who move into nursing homes or more permanent absences.  One minute a beloved pet, the next often unwanted.  Please spread the word that often Community Fostercare Networks can help in these situations.  Make sure you, your parents, or your friends have made arrangements for your dogs and cats.

We will always take back our own dogs and cats and also have arrangements in place where we have agreed to take on other pets to care for,  either directly with our own foster carers or to keep in touch in their new homes.  While we often take these dogs and cats as direct surrenders we do ask that you consider to the cost to us and our supporters and consider bequesting a sum of money with the pet.

We do not put any pet down because they are a senior with a few health problems.  Those that cannot be rehomed stay with us in palliative care.   And for those of you who adopt our senior dogs we know that you find them rewarding.  They have so much love to give.