VicDRG Winter Appeal 2017 - Can You Help

VicDRG Winter Appeal 2017 - Can You Help

Thank you for your support over the last eleven years that has allowed us, one of the first Community Foster Care Networks, to run programs such as:

  • Desexing program - more than 550 dogs and cats!
  • $50 pound cat adoption program - subsidising the cost of pound adoptions
  • Assisting rural pounds to reach no-kill status
  • Providing food for the pets of the disadvantaged and homeless
  • Pets in Crisis - assisting the pets of the homeless and victims of domestic violence - we are delighted to see Lort Smith is now doing in a bigger way
  • Managing Your Dog seminars - aiming to show pet families ways for them and their dogs to be happier
  • Advocating and lobbying for improvements in animal welfare, and
  • Continuing to believe that the life of each dog and cat is precious.

From our beginning, initiating the Drought Dogs Program and moving dogs and cats from rural Victoria to Melbourne, we have tried to do what we can where we can.

We are not big enough to take on huge numbers, but we work with people both financially and in other ways to help them keep their pets, and we try to show by example and focusing on areas of need that we can make a difference. We love it when bigger shelters and those more advantaged financially are able to take on our ideas and grow them.

Our current focus is the pets of the elderly who may need to go into nursing homes or retirement villages and cannot keep their pets, or indeed may sadly die and leave an unwanted pet behind.

No dog or cat is too old for us and we currently have four small dogs in permanent care whom we suspect may not regain their health well enough to be rehomed.

Sadly we have lost another three this year from our palliative care program but they had love and care until the end. We do the best we can for any dog or cat that comes into our care - for the remainder of their lives - as we would our own pets.

We also take on big dogs who have often been mistreated or not trained. We do everything we can to retrain them and work with them to bring them back to the dogs they should be. Sometimes this can involve long periods until they are ready to be placed in a home. If we cannot place a dog or cat in foster care, we use commercial kennels/cattery as we do not run as a shelter with kennels.

Our adoption procedures are rigorous, but in return we offer a lifetime takeback guarantee with a 50% refund of the adoption fee. Once a VicDRG dog or cat, always a VicDRG dog or cat.

We advocate for the rights of cats and dogs, and speak out whenever we can. When you help us save one dog or cat, you too are making a difference.

Please help us again this year by whatever means you can. Details on ways to donate are below. If you are able, we really appreciate monthly direct debits that enable us to feel that we always have some incoming monies behind us. But a one off donation or sponsoring a walker in our upcoming Lead the Way also assists in our ongoing struggle.

If you can't help financially, then help us spread the word that dogs and cats do not need to die needlessly. If only we all cared but we don't, so those of us that do have to try harder. We appreciate you helping us in whatever way you can.

To find out how you can donate please download our Winter Appeal 2017 flyer.

Download Winter Appeal Flyer