Our 2021 Wall Calendar Is Here!

  • Calendar 2021

    Calendar 2021

  • Calendar 2021 sample page

    Calendar 2021 sample page


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1 Calendar: $25.00 (incl p&h), 2 Calendars: $45.00 (incl p&h), 5 Calendars: $105.00 (incl p&h), 10 Calendars: $200.00 (incl p&h)

Enjoy our gorgeous rescue dogs (and cats) , photographed by Herald-Sun photography Manny Cifra, Lyndsay of Paw Focus Photography and Heather of Dixon Dog Photography. The perfect Christmas present. Order Now!

Thank you to Manny C, Lyndsay B, Heather D and Melissa A for yet another fabulous calendar.

Your purchase helps us help the animals. All profits go directly to them.